Mitox 28mtk 4-in-1 Select Series Garden Multi-tool

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Manufacturer Description
Mitox 28MTK Multi-Tool - Grass Trimmer, Brushcutter, Hedgetrimmer and Pole Pruner The 28MTK garden multi-tool also includes a Quick Fit 775mm extension tube for an easy increase in working length, which has its own vibration reducing rubber grip. OverviewThe Mitox 28MTK Multi-Tool is a new addition to the Mitox garden Multi-Tool family which adds even more functionality over the basic 27MT model. Including a grass trimmer, brushcutter, pole pruner, and long reach hedgetrimmer, all powered by one full crank 26.3cc engine.Powered by the reliable Mitox 26.3cc engine, the 28MTK garden multi-tool benefits from a unique new anti-vibration handle for even greater comfort during use. It retains the four garden tools which give the basic 27MT Multi-Tool model its versatility - a grass trimmer and brushcutter, 10 inch pole pruner and a long reach hedgetrimmer attachment - which is itself further improved with a longer 60cm blade and a full 220 degrees of articulation including a fully folded storage position.Attachments Brushcutter - The Mitox 28MTK includes a high quality brush cutter blade, perfect for tackling long grass and overgrown areas. Grass Trimmer - The grass trimmer attachment features a bump feed nylon head suitable for trimming around the garden quickly and easily. The safety guard protects the user from debris and features a built in blade for ensuring nylon line is always at the correct length .Long Reach Hedgetrimmer - The Mitox 28MTK features a fully articulated 60cm hedgecutter blade that angles up to 220 for easy trimming of any size hedge, and a useful storage position.Pole Pruner - The 10" tree pruner allows users to cut high branches with ease and in safety.750mm Quick Fit Extension - enhances the reach of the hedgetrimmer and brushcutter attachments, complete with a vibration reducing rubber grip.
  • Including a grass trimmer, brush cutter, pole pruner, and long reach hedge trimmer all powered by one full crank 25.4 cc engine
  • Also includes a quick fit 775 mm extension tube for an easy increase in working length
  • Comes with loop handle and 3 tooth 255 mm metal blade
  • 26.3cc Kawasaki TJ27 engine
  • Effective anti-vibration system and padded handles make the multi-tool comfortable to use for extended periods of time

Further Information

Featuring Comes with loop handle and 3 tooth 255 mm metal blade and 26.3cc Kawasaki TJ27 engine, the 28MTK is made to a high specification by Mitox. The Mitox 28mtk 4-in-1 Select Series Garden Multi-tool is offered for customers to buy here at our superb price.

Purchase the 28MTK from Mitox today and benefit from fast, efficient shipping straight to your door.