Alm Bd401 Black Decker Spool Line- 2 Packs


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Manufacturer Description
To fit: Black & Decker 82300, 82310, 82312, CST500, CST800, GE600, GE800, GL250, GL310, GL360, GLC500, ST200, ST300, ST400, ST1000, ST3000, ST4000, ST4050, ST4400, ST4500, ST5000, ST6500, ST6800, ST7600 Compares to RS-136, RS-136-BKP, RS-136-BKP 1

Further Information

Created by ALM Manufacturing Ltd, a well known manufacturer, this item is currently very good value for money. Alm Bd401 Black Decker Spool Line- 2 Packs is now offered for everyone to order at at our superb price.

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